As a coach I will be at your side as a professional companion enabling you to specify what it is you are really looking for, helping you to develop your strategies so as to open up new fields of creativity. We will start out on that road together and I will help you find the means to continue on your own.

Development – support – strengthen

Whether your professional goal is enhancing leadership competencies, putting an end to frustrating working conditions or teambuilding – I can offer you professional job coaching that will help you improve your change management. I will enable you to find a synthesis between your economic goals,your responsibility for others and personal satisfaction.

On a personal level whether you wish to develop your personality, enhance your self esteem or improve your work-life balance – my professional personality coaching can help you take control of your daily life, giving it a clear direction.

I can offer both individual and team coaching. Whilst individual coachings are about supporting the individual client in his or her goals, team coaching is about the interaction and the goals of the team. For as you know: The team is much more than the sum of its members.

Listening – asking questions – giving feedback

My expertise in communication and psychology is at your disposal. I will help you to recognise deeply engrained patterns of thinking and behaviour that may be blocking you or be counterproductive in your current circumstances. I will listen carefully, ask questions and give you feedback. This will enable you to see things from a different perspective and clear the way for new experiences.

People – languages – cultures

You will benefit from my international experience: Whether in Berlin, Geneva, Brussels or Seoul – I am accustomed to living in different cultures. My experience confirms that people are confronted with very similar challenges regardless of their culture. I can give you coaching in German, English and French.